Hospitality - Hotel, Club, Spa and Restaurants

Hospitality has become one of the fastest developing industries all over the world. Hospitality is not just hotels, restaurants (Food and Beverage), spas, clubs, and convention centers are all part of hospitality.   


5 Courses

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales 5 Course Specialization  “If you build it they will come” - But not without marketing....

5 Courses

Hospitality Operations - Room Division Certificate

Hospitality Operations - Room Division 5 Course Specialization Hub of the operations happens here.  Greeting the...

5 Courses

Accounting and Financial Certificate

Accounting and Financial 5 Course Specialization Hospitality accounting and finance are critical skills for both the ...

5 Courses

Food and Beverage Certificate

Food Beverage Management 5 Course Specialization   Food and beverage managers are the leaders from the dinning...





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