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Must pass final exam in score over 70%

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CompTIA Security+ (SY0-401) Complete  Course is an engaging self-paced  training solution that provides learners with over 13 hours of personal, visual instruction from an expert trainer who has over a decade of practical teaching experience. Through the use of topic-focused you will gain an in-depth understanding of the CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 exam as well as a deeper understanding of security so you master the key foundational principles for securing a network and managing risk. Included with the product are dynamic and interactive hands-on exercises and quizzes so you can test your knowledge while you study. The course also includes a practice exam which is based on the updated Security + exam.


CompTIA Security+ (SY0-401) Complete Video Course contains over 13 hours of training with content divided into 6 parts with 32 video lessons. The videos consist of live trainer discussions, screencasts, animations, and live demos. The video lessons in this course review each exam objective so you can use this course as a complete study tool for taking the CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 exam. Instruction throughout offers detailed explanations, demos, tips, and more.

This Complete Video Course also includes interactive hands-on exercises available on the course’s streaming site to help you further study for the exam. Section quizzes, glossary quizzes, and a practice final exam are also presented through the course’s interactive site so you have all the material needed to prepare for the exam.

Major sections are as follows:

Part 1: Understanding Network Security

Lesson 1: Understanding Enterprise Security Concepts

Lesson 2: Identifying Infrastructure Devices

Lesson 3: Understanding Security Devices and Systems

Lesson 4: Explaining Network Design Components

Lesson 5: Exploring Secure Network Administration

Lesson 6: Wireless Networking Security

Lesson 7: Part 1 Summary

Part 2: Understanding Threats and Vulnerabilities

Lesson 8: Recognizing Malware Types

Lesson 9: Exploring Prevalent Attack Methods

Lesson 10: Understanding Threat Management

Lesson 11: Deploying Threat Discovery Tools

Lesson 12: Part 2 Summary

Part 3: Understanding Compliance and Operational Security

Lesson 13: Understanding Risk Related Concepts

Lesson 14: Examining the Importance for Security Awareness

Lesson 15: Exploring Incident Response and Forensics

Lesson 16: Implementing Physical Security and Environmental Controls

Lesson 17: Part 3 Summary

Part 4: Understanding Application, Data, and Host Security

Lesson 18: Examining Application Attack Types

Lesson 19: Explaining Application Security Controls and Techniques

Lesson 20: Summarizing Mobile Security Concepts

Lesson 21: Establishing Host Security

Lesson 22: Understanding Data Security Controls

Lesson 23: Part 4 Summary

Part 5: Understanding Access Control and Identity Management

Lesson 24: Understanding AAA Services

Lesson 25: Comparing Authentication Services

Lesson 26: Securing Account Management

Lesson 27: Part 5 Summary

Part 6: Understanding Cryptography

Lesson 28: Exploring Cryptographic Concepts

Lesson 29: Understanding Choices in Algorithms and Methods

Lesson 30: Exploring Protocols for Secure Transport

Lesson 31: Understanding PKI

Lesson 32: Part 6 Summary


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