Course Categories

10 Courses

Information Technology

IT and Software Development CompTIA - SEO - Network - Security - Mobile Apps - Programming   As computer technology...
12 Courses

Health Careers

Certificates and Courses in Medical and Health - Nutrition and Fitness Health care is one of the largest job sectors...
4 Categories / 35 Courses

Hospitality - Hotel, Club, Spa and Restaurants

Hospitality has become one of the fastest developing industries all over the world. Hospitality is not just hotels,...
5 Courses

Project management

Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet the requirements of a project. ...
11 Courses

Professional Development

We don't want to become stagnant. Keeping your professional skills up-to-date is important, even more so if you are...
4 Courses

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing is the integration of technology based systems and processes in the production of products...
14 Courses

Business and Management

Certificate courses in Business and Management. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Finance and Accounting for...
3 Courses

Teacher Support & Success

Professional Development For Skills on the Run Teachers   





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